Online Store

Online Store

Over the years things have changed drastically. Internet has over a Billion users today. It has opened a whole new world for companies to market their products globally. The internet has become a large market for companies. Now the situation has reached the pinnacle, the whole world market is running on E-commerce! More than 70% of selling in US happens online. To stay ahead of the competitors all you need to have is shopping cart and payment gateway ready online store and the orders will start pouring in.  We work with all sectors of corporate community varying from small to medium / large size business houses to build a dynamic digital environment. 

E-business / E-commerce have been established to make the business processes easier and more secure. This in turn helps to develop a successful marketing website and enable to generate income with less expenditure. You can simply go through the listed benefits of establishing an e-commerce technology based website.

  • It will help to establish the identity of your organization.
  • Enhance your business and contacts, available to the global market place.
  • You can incorporate any number of new items and can easily access the future changes.
  • It is self managed with the addition of an Administrator Back Office.
  • Improve your sales and distribution of your products and services.

Understanding the needs of customers is the Key to any successful business. HashNET perfectly understands these needs and knows how to translate them into applicable strategies. Our focus is to provide you an easy way to establish your business globally. HashNET can help you assess your needs and plan the necessary steps to transform your website into an E-Success story. Clients across the globe have come to trust our E-commerce solutions and have achieved unprecedented growth and returns.

Advantage of E-commerce:

Speed and convenience are considered as the main reasons for the upsurge in E-commerce. Breaking the geographical, language and other barriers, web sites can remain open all 24 hours a day. For both, buyers and sellers, accessing the online stores is only a few clicks away. 

E-commerce websites offers:

  • Unlimited Market Place and Business
  • Access that Extend Customer Base
  • Lower Cost of Doing Business
  • Eliminate Middlemen
  • Easier Business Administration
  • More Efficient Business Relationships
  • Secure Payment Systems
  • Gives customers control of sales process

Whatever your business, HashNET can help you market and sell your products and services more cost effectively. With designs that stand out from the crowd, we offer small businesses and corporate enterprises innovative and unique ways to sell on the web.

We Offer:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Shopping-cart Design and integration
  • Backend Admin Module development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
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