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SMS Text Messaging Is A Cost-Effective, Efficient, And Secure Way To Communicate When You Need To Send Short And Accurate Messages To Customers, Partners, Or Employees.

What is the bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a system that allows you to send hundreds, even millions, of text messages to phone numbers all over the world with a single press of a button. As a result, the cost of a single sent or delivered text message drops dramatically. You may customize your sender ID, which is the text that appears as the SMS sender on the recipient’s phone. We give you with everything you could possibly anticipate from a high-quality bulk SMS messaging service, since the popularity of bulk sms in all areas of life is expanding quickly.


Own Sender ID

When sending messages, Sender ID allows you to use your company name or brand as the Sender ID (up to 11 characters)

Unicode SMS messages

You may use websms to send SMS messages in any language you like - Unicode Support. (English / Sinhala / Tamil)

SMS to Any Network

Do you want to send one SMS or one million? Our business messaging solution ensures that messages are delivered to mobile phones all around Sri Lanka.

Who Requires an SMS Gateway?

E Services

Bulk SMS is used as a two-factor authentication process by online services to give consumers with a safe digital experience. Messages concerning available account balances, pricing changes, and etc are used by others.


E-commerce sites use the bulk SMS channel to increase sales. SMS promo codes alone produce a 10-20% transaction conversion rate. Customers like special offers because they save money.

Small & Medium Business

Marketers discovered that bulk SMS marketing is really successful. 76 percent of respondents said they would welcome promotional SMS text messages telling them about discounts, VIP events, reminders, and so on.

Bank & Financial Institutes

Banks utilize SMS to provide account holders verification codes, balance information, one-time pin (OTP) numbers and passwords, direct debit alerts, and so on.


Increasing their revenue by double. According to statistics, repeat customers spend approximately 70% more than first-time purchasers. A high conversation rate will result in a large number of new leads and consumers.

Transit Companies

Transit firms use bulk SMS services to notify and update customers on route changes, arrivals, and timetable adjustments. as well as OTP for customer registrations

Other Supporting Platforms

PHP Integration

WooCommerce Integration

WHMCS Integration

API Endpoint


Why HashNET SMS Gateway?

  • Send SMS with your business name

  • No Monthly Fee

  • No Monthly Commitments

  • No Extra Hidden Charges

  • No Expiry

  • Pay As You GO

  • 0.90 Cents  Per SMS

  • Cloud Control Panel to Send Bulk SMS

  • Multiple Sender IDs

  • One time Setup Fee

One  Time Setup Fee : Rs. 3,000.00 Only
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